Mrs Hinch fan reveals ‘magic’ oven cleaning hack using cheap dishwasher tablet

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame after she posted quick and easy cleaning hacks online with cheap products. More recently, her fans have created dedicated Facebook pages where they share their own finds with one another. Posting to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one fan revealed how she managed to get her oven looking like new.

She wrote: “Dishwasher tablets are a GAME CHANGER!

“Dip tablet in water and scrub over any stains or burnt spills in oven! It MELTS them away!

“Even wiping the paste that forms over my hand they life off! I was scrubbing mine with a metal scourer and they weren’t shifting easy.

“Saw the dishwasher tablet tip on here and without hard scrubbing they just meta away! What magic is this?!!

“And the glass is sparkling! Gonna try my glass hob next…If it isn’t clear, I mean the hard dishwasher tablets not the squishy ones as you scrub with the actual tablet.”

The cleaning fan also shared how just used a cheap dishwasher tablet as the brand isn’t important because they all do the same job.

She then posted a before and after photo of her hard work to the page.

Her oven before was covered in food spillages as well as burnt marks and stains.

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The after photo showed a stain free oven with no food spillages and sparkling clean glass.

Fans were quick to rush to the comments to ask more questions about the oven hack.

One person asked: “What dishwashing tablet did you use? I hate oven cleaning. Anything to make it easier.”

The cleaning fan replied: “I just bought cheap ones from the corner shop specifically to try this hack as I don’t have a dishwasher…they were a quid. You use the tablet – no scourer required. I’ve used about 4. Dip in water, rub over, redip and rub. It’s amazing!”

A scourer can also help loosen any stubborn stains but she advises not to use a rough one and to invest money into a good one otherwise it can end up scratching the oven.

This is especially important for the glass oven door as glass can easily become scratched.

Another person asked: “Does this also work on oven racks?”

The same woman replied saying: “YES!! Mine are now silver again! Honestly!!

“If you think about it when you put things in a dishwasher with maybe burnt on stuff they always seem to come out a lot cleaner. So the stuff in the tablets must have a powerful degreaser in to breakdown the burnt on stuff.”

Mrs Hinch herself recently shared how she removed all the grime and grease from her oven racks using one simple product.

She explains how she tends to soak them in the sink in hot water to dislodge any stubborn marks and then uses her favourite Pink Stuff paste to scrub them.

The product is very versatile and can be used on stainless steel taps, work surfaces and to clean hobs.

Mrs Hinch also uses the paste to clean the inside of her oven as well as her electric hob.

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