Michelle Obama Opens Up About 'Low-Grade Depression' During Quarantine and How She's Coping

Mrs. Obama and Norris focused much of the episode's discussion on advice for how others can take care of themselves during what many Americans have reported to be an emotionally difficult year — a year of plague and national demonstrations against injustice, with spasms of violence.

“It's the small things,” Mrs. Obama said. “It's the small rituals.”

“There’s a beauty of being reminded of our self-sufficiency during this time,” she said, adding that she has learned how to give herself a wax and has recently been mastering how to do her own nails at home.

But as difficult as the pandemic and ensuing quarantine has been for people around the world, including prominent figures like the former first lady, she said "we will get through this."

"The thing we have to remember is we've been through, tough times, in this nation," she said, adding, "We are in a unique moment in history. We are living through something that no one in our lifetimes has lived through it."

The year 2020 is "just extra in all kinds of ways," Norris said, laughing, as Mrs. Obama agreed.

"Who would've thought," Obama said. "It's like — phew! What more do you have for us, 2020?"

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