Elizabeth Warren reportedly plans to ask Joe Biden to join his cabinet as Treasury secretary if he wins the election

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to be a part of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's cabinet as Treasury secretary if he wins the election, Politico reported Thursday.
  • Three Democratic officials who are close with Warren's inner circle told Politico that the Massachusetts senator wants to ask Biden for a position in his administration.
  • "A fourth Democratic source who spoke with former Warren staffers said if Warren does not get the Treasury spot, she would likely want to stay in the Senate and push for a seat on the chamber's influential Finance Committee, which oversees the agency," according to the Politico report.
  • Warren threw her support behind Biden after ending her own presidential campaign earlier this year.
  • If Biden were to tap Warren as Treasury secretary, the progressive lawmaker would be tasked with handling with the economic fallout of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • "It's five days out, we're focused on the election and encourage everyone else to be as well," Kristen Orthman, a spokesperson for Warren, told Politico.
  • Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants labor union who was not familiar with Warren's plans, told Politico that Warren would "be the person to meet the moment."
  • "She understands all the failed strategies in the past in terms of how to rebuild the economy and how to shore up average Americans," Nelson told Politico.
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