Andy Barr Wins Republican Primary in Kentucky amid ‘Grief and Pain’ of Wife’s Death

Rep. Andy Barr on Tuesday won the Republican primary in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District, about one week after his wife’s sudden death.

Barr, who will be looking to secure a fifth term in the House of Representatives in November, won with 94 percent of the vote with 25 percent of precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press.

The congressman’s wife, Carol Barr, died suddenly on June 16 in her Lexington home at the age of 39. The coroner later said Carol was in her home office and the cause of death appeared to be a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse (MVP).

In a statement released following her death, Barr, 46, said: “At this time of tremendous grief and pain, we ask for prayers for our beautiful, dear and precious Carol, the greatest, most selfless and giving wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.”

“In this moment of profound grief and heartbreak," he continued, "we are so grateful for the gift and blessing of Carol’s life.”

Carol’s neighbor, Carol Russell, told PEOPLE earlier this week that her friend “exuded goodness.”

"She loved Andy," said Russell, 65. "She was so proud of him and his work. She was his staunchest supporter."

“It’s going to be a huge loss for Andy,” Russell added. “She was a tremendous support to him in every way.”

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